Article 2.

Memorials Financed by Counties and Cities.

§ 100-9.  County commissioners may protect monuments.

When any monument has been or shall hereafter be erected to the memory of our Confederate dead or to perpetuate the memory and virtues of our distinguished dead, if such monument is erected by the  voluntary subscription of the people and is placed on the courthouse square, the board of county commissioners of such county are permitted to expend from the public funds of the county an amount sufficient to erect a substantial iron fence around such monument in order that the same may be protected. (1905, c. 457; Rev., s. 3928; C.S., s. 6934.)


§ 100-10.  Counties, cities, and towns may contribute toward erection of memorials.

Any county, city or town by resolution first adopted by its governing body may become a member of any memorial association or organization for perpetuating the memory of the soldiers and sailors of North Carolina who served the United States in the great World War, or in the global war known as World War II, or who fought in the War Between the States, and may subscribe and pay toward the cost of the erection of any memorial to the memory of such soldiers and sailors such sums of money as its governing body may determine, and may be represented in such association or organization by such persons as its governing body may select. Any contribution so made shall be paid out of the general fund of such county, city, or town making same, on such terms as may be agreed upon by its governing body, and the officers having the control and management of the association or organization to which subscription and contribution are made. (1919, c. 21, ss. 1, 2, 3; C.S., s. 6938; 1923, c. 200; 1945, c. 117.)