Article 5B.

Manufacturing Solutions Center at Catawba Valley Community College.

115D-67.10. Purpose of the Center.

The purpose of the Manufacturing Solutions Center at Catawba Valley Community College is to create and maintain jobs in North Carolina through support of traditional and emerging industries. The Center's services include training, testing, market development, entrepreneur support, product sourcing, prototyping, applied research, and managing a manufacturing business incubator. (2017-57, s. 9.9.)


115D-67.11. Director and other Center personnel.

The president of the Catawba Valley Community College shall appoint an individual to serve as the executive director of the Manufacturing Solutions Center. The executive director shall select other personnel of the Center, subject to the approval by the president of the Catawba Valley Community College. The executive director and other personnel of the Center are employees of Catawba Valley Community College and are subject to the personnel policies of the community college. (2017-57, s. 9.9.)


115D-67.12. Fees collected by the Center; use of Center funds.

Notwithstanding any other provision of law, all fees collected by the Manufacturing Solutions Center for services to industry, except for regular curriculum and continuing education tuition receipts, shall be retained by the Center and used for the operations of the Center. Purchases made by the Center using these funds are not subject to the provisions of Article 3 of Chapter 143 of the General Statutes. However, the Center shall (i) notify the Secretary of the Department of Administration or the Secretary's designee of the intent to enter into a contract for supplies, materials, printing, equipment, and contractual services that exceeds one million dollars ($1,000,000) as provided in G.S. 114-8.3 and (ii) include in all agreements or contracts to be awarded by the Center under this section a standard clause which provides that the State Auditor and internal auditors of the Center may audit the records of the contractor during and after the term of the contract to verify accounts and data affecting fees and performance. The Center shall not award a cost plus percentage of cost agreement or contract for any purpose. (2017-57, s. 9.9.)