Article 4.

General Provisions.

31A-13. Record determining slayer admissible in evidence.

The record of the judicial proceeding in which the slayer was determined to be such, pursuant to G.S. 31A-3 of this Chapter, shall be admissible in evidence for or against a claimant of property in any civil action arising under this Chapter. (1961, c. 210, s. 1.)


31A-14. Revised Simultaneous Death Act not applicable.

The Revised Simultaneous Death Act, Article 24 of Chapter 28A of the General Statutes, shall not apply to cases governed by this Chapter. (1961, c. 210, s. 1; 1979, c. 107, s. 5; 2007-132, s. 4.)


31A-15. Chapter to be broadly construed.

This Chapter shall not be considered penal in nature, but shall be construed broadly in order to effect the policy of this State that no person shall be allowed to profit by his own wrong. As to all acts specifically provided for in this Chapter, the rules, remedies, and procedures herein specified shall be exclusive, and as to all acts not specifically provided for in this Chapter, all rules, remedies, and procedures, if any, which now exist or hereafter may exist either by virtue of statute, or by virtue of the inherent powers of any court of competent jurisdiction, or otherwise, shall be applicable. (1961, c. 210, s. 1.)