Article 9A.

Liens for Ambulance Service.

§ 44-51.1.  Lien on real property of recipient of ambulance service paid for or provided by county or municipality.

There is hereby created a general lien upon the real property of any person who has been furnished ambulance service by a county or municipal agency or at the expense of county or municipal government. The lien created by this section shall continue from the date of filing until satisfied, except that no action to enforce it may be brought more than 10 years after the date on which ambulance service was furnished nor more than three years after the date of recipient's death. Failure to bring action within such times shall be  a complete bar against any recovery and shall extinguish the lien. (1969, c. 684.)


§ 44-51.2.  Filing within 90 days required.

No lien created by G.S. 44-51.1 shall be valid but from the time of filing in the office of the clerk of superior court a statement containing the name and address of the person against whom the lien is claimed, the name of the county or municipality claiming the lien, the amount of the unpaid charge for ambulance service, and the date and place of furnishing ambulance service for which charges are asserted and the lien claimed. No lien under this Article shall be valid unless filed in accordance with this section within 90 days of the date of the furnishing the ambulance service. (1969, c. 684.)


§ 44-51.3.  Discharge of lien.

Liens created by this Article may be discharged as follows:

(1)        By filing with the clerk of superior court a receipt or acknowledgment, signed by the county or municipal treasurer, that the lien has been paid or discharged;

(2)        By depositing with the clerk of superior court money equal to the amount of the claim, which money shall be held for the benefit of the claimant; or

(3)        By an entry in the lien docket that the action on the part of the lien claimant to enforce the lien has been dismissed, or  a judgment has been rendered against the claimant in such action. (1969, c. 684.)