§ 105‑113.87.  Refund for excise tax paid on sacramental wine.

(a) Refund Allowed. – A person who purchases wine for the purpose stated in G.S. 18B‑103(8) may obtain a refund from the Secretary for the amount of the excise tax levied under this Article. The Secretary shall make refunds annually.

(b) Application. – An applicant for a refund authorized by this section shall file a written request with the Secretary for the refund due for the prior calendar year on or before April 15. The Secretary may by rule prescribe what information and records shall be supplied by the applicant to qualify for the refund. No refund may be made if the application is filed more than three years after the date it is due.

(c) Repealed by Session Laws 1998‑212, s. 29A.14(e). (1985, c. 114, s. 1; 1998‑212, s. 29A.14(e).)