§ 105‑113.9.  Out‑of‑state shipments.

Any licensed distributor engaged in interstate business shall be permitted to set aside part of the stock as necessary to conduct interstate business without paying the tax otherwise required by this Part, but only if the licensed distributor complies with the requirements prescribed by the Secretary concerning keeping of records, making of reports, posting of bond, and other matters for administration of this Part.

"Interstate business" as used in this section means:

(1) The sale of cigarettes to a nonresident where the cigarettes are delivered by the licensed distributor to the business location of the nonresident purchaser in another state.

(2) The sale of cigarettes to a nonresident purchaser who has no place of business in North Carolina and who purchases the cigarettes for the purposes of resale not within this State and where the cigarettes are delivered to the purchaser at the business location in North Carolina of the licensed distributor who is also licensed as a distributor under the laws of the state of the nonresident purchaser. (1969, c. 1075, s. 2; 1973, c. 476, s. 193; 1977, c. 874; 1993, c. 442, s. 3; 2018‑5, s. 38.6(a); 2019‑6, s. 4.2.)