§ 105‑129.27.  Credit for investing in major recycling facility.

(a) Credit. – An owner that purchases or leases machinery and equipment for a major recycling facility in this State during the taxable year is allowed a credit equal to fifty percent (50%) of the amount payable by the owner during the taxable year to purchase or lease the machinery and equipment.

(b) Taxes Credited. – The credit provided in this section is allowed against the franchise tax levied in Article 3 of this Chapter and the income tax levied in Part 1 of Article 4 of this Chapter. Any other nonrefundable credits allowed the owner are subtracted before the credit allowed by this section.

(c) Carryforwards. – The credit provided in this section may not exceed the amount of tax against which it is claimed for the taxable year, reduced by the sum of all other credits allowed against that tax, except tax payments made by or on behalf of the owner. Any unused portion of the credit may be carried forward for the succeeding 25 years.

(d) Change in Ownership of Facility. – The sale, merger, consolidation, conversion, acquisition, or bankruptcy of a recycling facility, or any transaction by which the facility is reformulated as another business, does not create new eligibility in a succeeding owner with respect to a credit for which the predecessor was not eligible under this section. A successor business may, however, take any carried‑over portion of a credit that its predecessor could have taken if it had a tax liability.

(e) Forfeiture. – If any machinery or equipment for which a credit was allowed under this section is not placed in service within 30 months after the credit was allowed, the credit is forfeited. A taxpayer that forfeits a credit under this section is liable for all past taxes avoided as a result of the credit plus interest at the rate established under G.S. 105‑241.21, computed from the date the taxes would have been due if the credit had not been allowed. The past taxes and interest are due 30 days after the date the credit is forfeited; a taxpayer that fails to pay the past taxes and interest by the due date is subject to the penalties provided in G.S. 105‑236.

(f) No Double Credit. – A recycling facility that is eligible for the credit allowed in this section is not allowed the credit for investing in machinery and equipment provided in G.S. 105‑129.9 or G.S. 105‑129.88. (1998‑55, s. 12; 1999‑369, s. 5.3; 2007‑491, s. 44(1)a; 2009‑445, s. 3(a); 2010‑166, s. 2.1.)