§ 105‑130.1.  Purpose.

(a) Purpose. – The general purpose of this Part is to impose a tax for the use of the State government upon the net income of every domestic corporation and of every foreign corporation doing business in this State.

The tax imposed upon the net income of corporations in this Part is in addition to all other taxes imposed under this Subchapter.

(b) Critical Infrastructure Disaster Relief. – A nonresident business that solely performs disaster‑related work in this State during a disaster response period at the request of a critical infrastructure company is not considered to be doing business in this State for purposes of this Part. The definitions and provisions in G.S. 166A‑19.70A apply in this subsection. (1939, c. 158, s. 301; 1967, c. 1110, s. 3; 1998‑98, s. 69; 2019‑187, s. 1(f).)