§ 105‑163.2B.  North Carolina State Lottery Commission must withhold taxes.

The North Carolina State Lottery Commission, established by Chapter 18C of the General Statutes, must deduct and withhold State income taxes from the payment of winnings in an amount of six hundred dollars ($600.00) or more. The amount of taxes to be withheld is a percentage of the winnings. The percentage is the individual income tax rate in G.S. 105‑153.7. The Commission must file a return, pay the withheld taxes, and report the amount withheld in the time and manner required under G.S. 105‑163.6 and G.S. 105‑163.7 as if the winnings were wages. The taxes the Commission withholds are held in trust for the Secretary.  (2005‑276, s. 31.1(bb); 2005‑344, s. 10.2(a); 2006‑259, s. 8(f); 2006‑264, s. 91(b); 2013‑316, s. 1.3(g); 2015‑259, s. 7.1(d).)