106-188. Promulgation of standards for receptacles, etc.

After investigation, and from time to time as may be practical and advisable, the Board shall have authority to establish and promulgate standards of opened and closed receptacles for, and standards for the grade and other classification of farm products, by which their quantity, quality, and value may be determined, and prescribe and promulgate rules and regulations governing the marks, brands, and labels which may be required for receptacles for farm products, for the purpose of showing the name and address of the producer or packer; the quantity, nature and quality of the product, or any of them, and for the purpose of preventing deception in reference thereto, and for the purpose of establishing a State brand for any farm product produced in North Carolina: Provided, that any standard for any farm product or receptacle therefor, or any requirement for marking receptacles for farm products, now or hereafter established under authority of the Congress of the United States, shall forthwith, as far as applicable, be established or prescribed and promulgated as the official standard or requirement in this State: Provided, that no standard established or requirement for marking prescribed under this Article shall become effective until the expiration of 30 days after it shall have been promulgated. (1919, c. 325, s. 4; C.S., s. 4784.)