§ 106-190.  Inspectors or graders authorized; revocation of license.

The Board is authorized to employ, license, or designate persons to inspect and classify farm products and to certify as to the grade or other classification thereof, in accordance with the standards made effective under this Article, and shall fix, assess and collect, or cause to be collected, fees for such services. Whenever, after opportunity for a hearing is afforded to any person employed, licensed, or designated under this section, it is determined that such person has failed to classify farm products correctly in accordance with the standards established therefor under this Article, or has violated any provision of this Article, or of the rules and regulations made hereunder, the Board may suspend or revoke the employment, license, or designation of such person. Pending investigation the person in charge of this work may suspend or revoke  any such appointment, license, or designation temporarily without hearing. (1919, c. 325, s. 6; C.S., s. 4786.)