106-262. Powers of Commissioner of Agriculture.

The Commissioner of Agriculture is hereby authorized and empowered:

(1) To require such reports as will enable him to determine the quantities of milk purchased and the classification in which it was used or disposed;

(2) To designate any area of the State as a natural marketing area for the sale or use of milk or milk products;

(3) To set up classifications for the sale or use of milk or milk products for each marketing area after full, complete and impartial hearing. Due notice of such hearing shall be given.

(4) To make rules and regulations and issue orders necessary to carry out and enforce the provisions of this Article, including the supervision of producer bases and other production incentive plans; methods of uniform and equitable payments to all producers selling milk to the same firm, person or corporation; uniform methods of computing weights of milk and/or milk products; and maximum handling and transportation charges for milk sold and/or transferred between plants. (1941, c. 162, s. 3; 1951, c. 1133, s. 3.)