§ 106-267.5.  Standard Babcock testing glassware; scales and weights.

In the use of the Babcock test all persons shall use the "standard Babcock testing glassware, scales, and weights." The term "standard Babcock testing glassware, scales and weights" shall apply to glassware, scales and weights. It shall be unlawful for any person, firm, company, association, corporation or agent thereof to falsely manipulate, underread or overread the Babcock test or any other contrivance used for determining the quality of value of milk or cream where the value of said milk or cream is determined by the percentage  of butterfat contained in the same or to make a false determination by the Babcock test or otherwise, or to falsify the record of such test or to pay on the basis of any test, measurement or weight except the true test, measurement or weight. (1951, c. 1121, s. 1.)