106-277.19. Revocation, suspension, or refusal of license for cause; hearing; appeal.

In accordance with Chapter 150B of the General Statutes, the Commissioner is authorized to suspend any seed license issued for a period not to exceed three years, revoke any seed license issued, or to refuse to issue a seed license to any person upon satisfactory proof that said person has repeatedly violated any of the provisions of this Article or any of the rules adopted thereunder. (1941, c. 114, s. 6; 1943, c. 203, s. 4; 1945, c. 828; 1949, c. 725; 1953, c. 856, s. 5; 1957, c. 263, s. 3; 1963, c. 1182; 2013-345, s. 1(a).)