§ 106‑316.2.  Use of virulent hog‑cholera virus prohibited without permit; virulent hog‑cholera virus defined; use of modified live virus vaccines.

Notwithstanding any other provision of the law, either general, public‑local, special or private, and except as herein provided, the possession, sale and use of virulent hog‑cholera virus in North Carolina is hereby prohibited. Virulent hog‑cholera virus referred to in this section means any unattended hog‑cholera virus collected directly or indirectly from blood or other tissues of swine  infected with hog cholera which has not been licensed as a modified live virus hog‑cholera vaccine. The State Veterinarian may issue a permit authorizing the sale, possession and use of virulent hog‑cholera virus only for the purpose of laboratory diagnosis; official research programs; production of anti‑hog‑cholera serum, antibody concentrate, modified live virus, killed virus vaccine, and similar biological products; and following a declaration that a state of emergency exists in a designated quarantined hog‑cholera area or areas within the State by the Commissioner of Agriculture of North Carolina. The use of virulent hog‑cholera virus during a declared state of emergency shall be under the direct supervision of the State Veterinarian or his authorized representative. Modified live‑virus hog‑cholera vaccines that have been licensed as such by the Biological Products Licensing Section, Animal Inspection and Quarantine Division, Agricultural Research Service of the United States Department of Agriculture may be sold and used in compliance with the General Statutes of North Carolina and the rules, regulations, definitions and standards adopted by the North Carolina Board of Agriculture and the emergency rules and regulations established by the Commissioner of Agriculture. (1955, c. 824, s. 2; 1959, c. 576, s. 4.)