106-318. Issuance of health certificates for swine and livestock; inspection.

Such health certificates that may be required under the rules and regulations by the Board of Agriculture or the emergency rules and regulations of the Commissioner of Agriculture shall be issued by a State, federal or duly licensed veterinarian in the state of origin certifying that the swine or other livestock transported and imported are healthy and not infected with or exposed to a contagious, infectious or communicable swine or other livestock disease, and all permits required under such rules and regulations shall be in possession of the owner or agent in charge, at all times until delivery of such swine or other livestock, and upon request, the owner or agent in charge shall produce said required certificate and permit for inspection by any police or peace officer or inspection agent of this State or any county thereof. The burden shall be on the person transporting said swine or other livestock to prove the origin, identity and destination of such swine and other livestock. (1941, c. 373, s. 2; 1955, c. 424, s. 2.)