106-333. Payments made only on certain conditions.

No payments shall be made for any animal slaughtered in the following cases:

(1) If the owner does not disinfect premises, etc., as directed by an inspector of the United States Bureau of Animal Industry or the State Veterinarian.

(2) For any animals destroyed where the owner has not complied with all lawful quarantine regulations.

(3) Animals reacting to a test not approved by the State Veterinarian.

(4) Animals belonging to the United States.

(5) Animals brought into the State in violation of the State laws and regulations.

(6) Animals which the owner or claimant knew to be diseased, or had notice thereof, at the time they came into his possession.

(7) Animals which had the disease for which they were slaughtered or which were destroyed by reason of exposure to the disease, at the time of their arrival in the State.

(8) Animals which have not been within the State of North Carolina for at least 120 days prior to the discovery of the disease.

(9) Where owner does not use reasonable care in protecting animals from disease.

(10) Where owner has failed to submit the necessary reports as required by this Article.

(11) Any unregistered bull. (1919, c. 62, s. 11; C.S., s. 4892; 1939, c. 272, s. 4.)