106-342. Notice to owner of suspected animals; quarantine.

When the State Veterinarian receives information, or has reason to believe, that tuberculosis exists in any animal or animals, he shall promptly notify the owner or owners, and recommend that a tuberculin test be applied to said animals, that diseased animals shall be properly disposed of, and the premises disinfected under the supervision of the State Veterinarian, or his authorized representative. Should the owner or owners fail or refuse to comply with the said recommendations of the State Veterinarian within 10 days after said notice, then the State Veterinarian shall quarantine said animals on the premises of the owner or owners. Said animals shall not be removed from the premises where quarantined and milk or other dairy products from same shall not be sold or otherwise disposed of. Said quarantine shall remain in effect until the said recommendations of the State Veterinarian have been complied with, and the quarantine canceled by the State Veterinarian. (1921, c. 177, s. 7; C.S., s. 4895(g).)