§ 106-356.  Owners of stock to have same dipped; supervision of dipping; dipping period.

Any person or persons, firms or corporations, owning or having in charge any cattle, horses or mules in any county where tick  eradication shall be taken up, or is in progress under existing laws, shall, on notification by any quarantine inspector to do so, have such cattle, horses or mules dipped regularly every 14 days in a vat properly charged with arsenical solution as recommended by the United States Bureau of Animal Industry, under the supervision of said inspector at such time and place and in such manner as may be designated by the quarantine inspector. The dipping period shall be continued as long as may be required by the rules and regulations of the State Board of Agriculture, which shall be sufficient in number and length of time to completely destroy and eradicate all cattle ticks (Margaropus annulatus) in such county or counties. (1923, c. 146, s. 7; C.S., s. 4895(v).)