106-390. Blood sample testing; diseased animals to be branded and quarantined; sale; removal of identification, etc.

All blood samples for the brucellosis test shall be drawn by persons whose qualifications are set by regulation of the Board of Agriculture. Animals from which blood is collected for a brucellosis test shall be identified by numbered ear tag, tattoo, or in some other manner approved by the Commissioner of Agriculture. It shall be the duty of the person who collects the blood sample, or other designated authorized person, to brand all cattle affected with brucellosis with the letter "B" on the left hip or jaw, not less than three or more than four inches high, tag such animals with an approved brucellosis reactor ear tag, and report the same to the State Veterinarian. It shall be the duty of the person owning said cattle at the time of said testing to assist with and cooperate with the person testing said cattle. Cattle affected with brucellosis shall be quarantined and slaughtered at a State or federally inspected slaughter plant within 10 days after branding and tagging; provided the State Veterinarian, in his discretion, may grant an extension of time for said slaughter not to exceed 30 days; and provided further that the Commissioner of Agriculture may allow a branded and tagged animal having unusual breeding value to be held for a period of time determined by him under conditions of isolation and quarantine prescribed by the State Veterinarian. Animals believed by the State Veterinarian or his authorized representative to have been exposed to brucellosis, or animals classified as suspects, shall be quarantined on the owner's premises or at such other place as is mutually agreeable to the owner and the State Veterinarian until the quarantine is removed in accordance with law or until the animal is disposed of in accordance with law. No animal affected with, or exposed to, brucellosis shall be sold, traded or otherwise disposed of except for immediate slaughter, and it shall be the duty of the person disposing of such infected animals to see that they are promptly slaughtered and a written report of same made to the State Veterinarian.

All cattle, swine, sheep, goats or other animals subject to infection by Brucella organisms, sold, or offered at public sale, except for immediate slaughter, shall be subject to test requirements established by the Board of Agriculture.

No ear tag, back tag, or other mark of identification approved by the Commissioner of Agriculture for identifying animals for the purpose of brucellosis testing, including testing at slaughter plants, shall be removed from the animal without authorization from the State Veterinarian or his authorized representative. (1937, c. 175, s. 3; 1945, c. 462, s. 2; 1959, c. 1171; 1963, c. 489; 1967, c. 511; 1969, c. 465.)