§ 106‑407.  Bonds required of operators; exemption of certain market operations.

The Commissioner of Agriculture shall require the owner of  each public livestock market issued a permit under the provisions of G.S. 106‑406 to furnish a bond acceptable to the Commissioner of not less than five thousand dollars ($5,000) nor more than fifty thousand dollars ($50,000), in the discretion of the Commissioner, to secure the performance of all obligations incident to the operation of the public livestock market operation including prompt payment to the vendors of all livestock sold at said market; provided, that, at the discretion of the Commissioner of Agriculture, a bond shall not be required of a livestock market bonded under the Federal Packers and Stockyards Act.

The term "public livestock market" as used in this Article shall not be interpreted to mean any of the following:

(1) A market where horses and mules exclusively are sold;

(2) A market that sells only finished livestock to be used for immediate slaughter;

(3) A dispersal sale of livestock by a farmer, dairyman, livestock breeder, or feeder when all animals offered for sale have been owned by him at least 30 days; provided that, no more than one dispersal sale shall be held by any person, firm or corporation within any period of six months.

(4) Purebred livestock association sales and those sales where Future Farmers of America, 4‑H Clubs and similar groups, State institutions, or private fairs conduct sales of livestock. (1941, c. 263, s. 2; 1967, c. 894, s. 2.)