106-413. Sale, etc., of certain diseased animals restricted; application of Article; sales by farmers.

No person or persons shall sell or offer for sale, trade or otherwise dispose of any animal or animals that are affected with a contagious or infectious disease, or that the owner or person in charge or a livestock inspector or an approved veterinarian has reason to believe are so affected or exposed; provided, however, that upon written permission of the Commissioner of Agriculture or his authorized representative it shall be lawful to sell, trade, or otherwise dispose of such animals for immediate slaughter at a plant with State or federal meat inspection. The provisions of this Article, including those regulations adopted by the North Carolina Board of Agriculture, shall apply to all animals sold or offered for sale on any public highway, right-of-way, street, or within one-half mile of any public livestock market, or other public place; provided, that the one-half mile provision shall not apply to animals raised and owned by a bona fide farmer who is a resident of the State of North Carolina and sold or offered for sale by him. (1941, c. 263, s. 8; 1943, c. 724, s. 5; 1967, c. 894, s. 10.)