§ 106‑422.  Agents of Board; inspection.

The Commissioner of Agriculture shall be the agent of the Board in enforcing these regulations, and shall have authority to designate such employees of the Department as may seem expedient to carry out the duties and exercise the powers provided by this Article. Persons collaborating with the Division of Entomology may also be designated by the Commissioner of Agriculture as agents for the purpose of this Article. The Commissioner of Agriculture, and any duly authorized agent of the Commissioner, shall have the authority to inspect vehicles or other means of transportation and its cargo suspected of carrying plant pests and to enter upon and inspect any premises between the hours of sunrise and sunset during every working day of the year to determine the presence or absence of injurious plant pests. Any duly authorized agent of the Commissioner shall have authority to stop or cause to be stopped on any highway or other public place, by any law‑enforcement officer at the request of said authorized agent of the Commissioner, any vehicle or other means of transportation that is being used, or that the representative of the Commissioner has reasonable grounds to believe is being used, to transport or move any plant, plant product or seed in violation of the provisions of this Article. (1957, c. 985; 1967, c. 976.)