§ 106‑65.37.  Financial responsibility.

(a) The Committee may require by regulation from a licensee or certified applicator or an applicant for a license or certified applicator's identification card under this Article evidence of his financial ability to properly indemnify persons suffering from the use or application of pesticides in the form of liability insurance or other means acceptable to the Committee. The amount of this insurance or financial ability shall be determined by the Committee.

(b) Any regulation adopted by the Committee pursuant to G.S. 106‑65.29 to implement this section may provide for such conditions, limitations and requirements concerning the financial responsibility required by this section as the Committee deems necessary including but not limited to notice or reduction or cancellation of coverage and deductible provisions. Such regulations may classify financial responsibility requirements according to the separate license classifications and subclassifications as may be prescribed by the Committee. (1975, c. 570, s. 18.)