113-169.4. Licensing of ocean fishing piers; fees.

(a) The owner or operator of an ocean fishing pier within the coastal fishing waters who charges the public a fee to fish in any manner from the pier shall secure a current and valid pier license from the Division. An application for a pier license shall disclose the names of all parties involved in the pier operations, including the owner of the property, owner of the pier if different, and all leasehold or other corporate arrangements, and all persons with a substantial financial interest in the pier.

(b) Within 30 days following a change of ownership of a pier, or a change as to the manager, the manager or new manager shall secure a replacement pier license as provided in G.S. 113-168.1(h).

(c) Pier licenses are issued upon payment of four dollars and fifty cents ($4.50) per linear foot, to the nearest foot, that the pier extends into coastal fishing waters beyond the mean high waterline. The length of the pier shall be measured to include all extensions of the pier.

(d) The manager who secures the pier license shall be the individual with the duty of executive-level supervision of pier operations.

(e) The pier license issued under this section authorizes any individual who does not hold a Coastal Recreational Fishing License under Article 14B or Article 25A of this Chapter to engage in recreational fishing while on the pier. (1997-400, s. 5.1; 1998-225, s. 4.19; 2001-213, s. 2; 2013-360, s. 14.8(j).)