113-169.5. Land or sell license; vessels fishing beyond territorial waters.

(a) Persons aboard vessels not having their primary situs in the State that are carrying a cargo of fish taken outside the waters of the State may land or sell their catch in the State by purchasing a land or sell license as set forth in this section with respect to the vessel in question. The Commission may by rule modify the land or sell licensing procedure in order to devise an efficient and convenient procedure for licensing out-of-state vessels to only land, or after landing to permit sale of cargo.

(b) The fee for a land or sell license for a vessel not having its primary situs in North Carolina is four hundred dollars ($400.00), or an amount equal to the nonresident fee charged by the nonresident's state, whichever is greater. Persons aboard vessels having a primary situs in a jurisdiction that would allow North Carolina vessels without restriction to land or sell their catch, taken outside the jurisdiction, may land or sell their catch in the State without complying with this section if the persons are in possession of a valid license from their state of residence. (1997-400, s. 5.1; 2001-213, s. 2; 2013-360, s. 14.8(k); 2014-100, s. 14.9(f).)