Article 16A.

Marine Aquaculture.

113-215. Definitions.

In addition to the definitions in G.S. 113-128 and G.S. 113-129, the following definitions shall apply in this Article:

(1) Marine aquaculture. - The propagation and rearing of marine aquatic species in controlled or selected environments, including, but not limited to, ocean ranching, marine hatcheries, and other deep water fish farming operations in the coastal fishing waters of the State and, to the extent not inconsistent with federal law, to the limits of the United States exclusive economic zone, as that term is defined in the Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act, 16 U.S.C. 1801, et seq.

(2) Marine aquaculture lease. - A lease of the public bottom and superjacent water column granted by the Secretary for marine aquaculture.

(3) Marine aquatic species. - Any species of finfish, mollusk, crustacean, or other aquatic invertebrate, amphibian, reptile, or aquatic plant, and including, but not limited to, "fish" and "fishes," as defined in G.S. 113-129(7), found exclusively or for part of its life cycle in coastal fishing waters. (2017-190, s. 1.)