113-218. Protection of private marine aquaculture rights.

It is unlawful for any person, other than the holder of a lease issued under this Article, to take or attempt to take marine species being produced under the license and associated lease from any privately leased, franchised, or deeded marine aquaculture operation without written authorization of the holder and with actual knowledge it is a marine aquaculture leased area. Actual knowledge will be presumed when the marine species are taken or attempted to be taken under the following circumstances:

(1) From within the confines of posted boundaries of the area as identified by signs, whether the whole or any part of the area is posted; or

(2) When the area has been regularly posted and identified and the person knew the area to be the subject of private marine aquaculture rights.

A violation of this subsection shall constitute a Class A1 misdemeanor, which may include a fine of not more than five thousand dollars ($5,000). The written authorization shall include the lease number or deed reference, name and address of authorized person, date of issuance, and date of expiration, and it must be signed by the holder of the marine aquaculture rights. Identification signs shall include the lease number or deed reference and the name of the holder. (2017-190, s. 1.)