113-276.1. Regulatory authority of Wildlife Resources Commission as to license requirements and exemptions.

In its discretion and in accordance with the best interests of the conservation of wildlife resources, the Wildlife Resources Commission may implement the provisions of this Article with rules that:

(1) [Reserved.]

(2) Regulate license requirements and exemptions applying to the taking of wildlife on particular waters forming or lying across a county boundary where there may be confusion as to the location of the boundary, hardship imposed as to the location of the boundary, or difficulty of administering or enforcing the law with respect to the actual boundary location.

(3) Require persons subject to license requirements, and persons exempt from license requirements, to carry, display, or produce identification that may be necessary to substantiate the person's entitlement to a particular license or to a particular exemption from license requirements.

(4) Require individuals aboard vessels or carrying weapons or other gear that may be used to take wildlife resources, and in an area at a time wildlife resources may be taken, to exhibit identification that includes the individual's name and current address. More than one piece of identification, including a vehicle driver license, may be required to be exhibited, if available.

(5) Implement a system of tagging and reporting fur-bearing animals and big game. Upon the implementation of a tagging system for any species of fur-bearing animal, the Wildlife Resources Commission may charge a reasonable fee to defray its costs for each tag furnished. The price of the big game hunting license includes the cost of big game tags. (1979, c. 830, s. 1; 1987, c. 827, s. 98; 2019-204, s. 6(p).)