113-287. General provisions pertaining to enforcement of Article.

(a) If property is registered, the original or a true copy of the application and all supporting items are admissible in evidence. The registrant's affidavit that he has the right to control hunting, fishing, or hunting and fishing on the registered property constitutes prima facie evidence of the facts so asserted. The description filed with the application constitutes prima facie evidence of the boundaries of the registered property.

(b) If an individual hunts or fishes, or enters to hunt or fish, on registered property that is or had been posted, any registrant or his agent, any landholder of that property, and any protector or other law-enforcement officer may request that the individual produce a valid entry permit.

(c) In addition to protectors, it is the duty of sheriffs and their deputies, county police officers, and other law-enforcement officers with general enforcement jurisdiction to investigate reported violations of this Article and to initiate prosecutions when they determine that violations have occurred.

(d) Any entry permit issued to an individual does not substitute for any required hunting or fishing license. (1981, c. 854, s. 1.)