113-315.29. Powers of Authority.

In order to enable it to carry out the purposes of this Article, the Authority shall:

(1) Have the powers of a body corporate, including the power to sue and be sued, to make contracts, and to adopt and use a common seal and to alter the same as may be deemed expedient;

(2) Have the authority to make all necessary contracts and arrangements with other marine industrial park or port authorities of this and other states for the interchange of business, and for such other purposes as will facilitate and increase the marine industries;

(3) Be authorized and empowered to rent, lease, buy, own, acquire, mortgage, otherwise encumber, and dispose of such property, real or personal, as said Authority may deem proper to carry out the purposes and provisions of this Article, all or any of them;

(4) Be authorized and empowered to acquire, construct, maintain, equip and operate any wharves, docks, piers, quays, elevators, compresses, refrigeration storage plants, warehouses and other structures, and any and all facilities needful for the convenient use of the same in the aid of commerce, including the dredging of approaches to port facilities at the parks and improving the navigability of those waterways connecting the parks with the channels of commerce of the Atlantic Ocean;

(5) Be authorized and empowered to pay all necessary costs and expenses involved and incident to the formation and organization of the Authority, and incident to its administration and operation, and to pay all other costs and expenses reasonably necessary or expedient in carrying out and accomplishing the purposes of this Article;

(6) Be authorized and empowered to apply for and accept loans and grants of money from any federal agency or the State of North Carolina and its political subdivisions or from any public or private sources available for any and all of the purposes authorized in this Article, and to expend these funds in accordance with the directions and requirements of the granting or loaning authority, or imposed on the loans and grants by any federal agency, the State of North Carolina and its political subdivisions, or any public or private lender or donor, and to give such evidences of indebtedness as shall be required, provided, however, that no indebtedness of any kind incurred or created by the Authority shall constitute an indebtedness of the State of North Carolina, or any of its political subdivisions, and no such indebtedness shall involve or be secured by the faith, credit or taxing power of the State of North Carolina, or any of its political subdivisions;

(7) Be authorized and empowered to act as agent for the United States of America, or any of its agencies, departments, corporations, or instrumentalities in any matter coming within the purposes or powers of the Authority;

(8) Have power to adopt, alter or repeal bylaws and rules governing the manner in which its business may be transacted and in which the power granted to it may be enjoyed, and may provide for the appointment of any committees as the Authority may deem necessary or expedient in facilitating its business;

(8a) Have the authority to assess and collect fees for its services or for the use of its facilities;

(9) Be authorized and empowered to do any and all other acts and things in this Article authorized or required to be done, whether or not included in the general powers in this section mentioned; and

(10) Be authorized and empowered to do any and all things necessary to accomplish the purposes of this Article. (1979, c. 459, s. 5; 1987, c. 827, s. 108; 1993, c. 323, s. 1; 2013-211, s. 1.)