113-315.32. Power of eminent domain.

For the acquiring of rights-of-way and property necessary for the construction of wharves, piers, ships, docks, quays, elevators, compresses, refrigerator storage plants, warehouses and other riparian and littoral terminals and structures and approaches thereto, including the navigation stabilization structures and transportation facilities needful for the convenient use of same, the Authority shall have the right and power to acquire the same by purchase, by negotiation, or by condemnation, and should it elect to exercise the right of eminent domain, condemnation proceedings shall be maintained by and in the name of the Authority, and it may proceed in the manner provided for the Board of Transportation by Article 9 of Chapter 136 of the General Statutes. The power of eminent domain shall not apply to property of persons, State agency or corporations already devoted to public use, other than lands subject to the power of eminent domain by the State of North Carolina in the reservation clauses of a deed recorded in the Dare County Registry at Book 79 Page 548. (1979, c. 459, s. 8; 1998-212, s. 15.5(b); 2013-211, s. 1.)