§ 113-408.  Enjoining violation of laws and rules; service of process; application for drilling well to include residence address of applicant.

Whenever it shall appear that any person is violating, or threatening to violate, any statute of this State with respect to the  conservation of oil or gas, or both, or any provision of this law, or any rule or order made thereunder by any act done in the operation of any well producing oil or gas, or by omitting any act required to be done thereunder, the Department, through the Attorney General, may bring suit against such person in the superior court in the county in which the well in question is located, to restrain such person or persons from continuing such violation or from carrying out the threat of violation. In such suit the Department may obtain injunctions, prohibitory and mandatory, including temporary restraining orders and temporary injunctions, as the facts may warrant, including, when appropriate, an injunction restraining any person from moving or disposing of illegal oil, illegal gas or illegal product, and any or all such commodities may be ordered to be impounded or placed under the control of an agent appointed by the court if, in the judgment of the court, such action is advisable.

If any such defendant cannot be personally served with summons in that county, personal jurisdiction of that defendant in such suit may be obtained by service made on any employee or agent of that defendant working on or about the oil or gas well involved in such suit, and by the Department mailing a copy of the complaint in the action to the defendant at the address of the defendant then recorded with the director of production and conservation.

Each application for the drilling of a well in search of oil or gas in this State shall include the address of the residence of the applicant or each applicant, which address shall be the address of each person involved in accordance with the records of the director of production and conservation, until such address is changed on the records of the Department after written request. (1945, c. 702, s. 28; 1973, c. 1262, s. 86; 1987, c. 827, s. 121.)