§ 113A‑118.1.  General permits.

(a) The Commission may, by rule, designate certain classes of major and minor development for which a general or blanket permit may be issued. In developing these rules, the Commission shall consider:

(1) The size of the development;

(2) The impact of the development on areas of environmental concern;

(3) How often the class of development is carried out;

(4) The need for onsite oversight of the development; and

(5) The need for public review and comment on individual development projects.

(b) General permits may be issued by the Commission. Individual developments carried out under the provisions of general permits shall not be subject to the mandatory notice provisions of G.S. 113A‑119.

(c) The Commission may impose reasonable notice provisions and other appropriate conditions and safeguards on any general permit it issues.

(d) The variance, appeals, and enforcement provisions of this Article shall apply to any individual development projects undertaken under a general permit.

(e) The Commission shall allow the use of riprap in the construction of groins in estuarine and public trust waters on the same basis as the Commission allows the use of wood. (1983, c. 171; c. 442, s. 1; 1987, c. 827, s. 137; 2002‑126, s. 29.2(f).)