§ 113A‑120.1.  Variances.

(a) Any person may petition the Commission for a variance granting permission to use the person's land in a manner otherwise prohibited by rules or standards prescribed by the Commission, or orders issued by the Commission, pursuant to this Article. To qualify for a variance, the petitioner must show all of the following:

(1) Unnecessary hardships would result from strict application of the rules, standards, or orders.

(2) The hardships result from conditions that are peculiar to the property, such as the location, size, or topography of the property.

(3) The hardships did not result from actions taken by the petitioner.

(4) The requested variance is consistent with the spirit, purpose, and intent of the rules, standards, or orders; will secure public safety and welfare; and will preserve substantial justice.

(b) The Commission may impose reasonable and appropriate conditions and safeguards upon any variance it grants. (1989, c. 676, s. 8; 2002‑68, s. 1.)