Part 5.  Coastal Reserves.

§ 113A‑129.1.  Legislative Findings and Purposes.

(a) Findings. – It is hereby determined and declared as a matter of legislative finding that the coastal area of North Carolina contains a number of important undeveloped natural areas.  These areas are vital to continued fishery and wildlife protection, water quality maintenance and improvement, preservation of unique and important coastal natural areas, aesthetic enjoyment, and public trust rights such as hunting, fishing, navigation, and recreation.  Such land and water areas are necessary for the preservation of estuarine areas of the State, constitute important research facilities, and provide public access to waters of the State.

(b) Purposes. – Important public purposes will be served by the preservation of certain of these areas in an undeveloped state.  Such areas would thereafter be available for research, education, and other consistent public uses.  These areas would also continue to contribute perpetually to the natural productivity and biological, economic, and aesthetic values of North Carolina's coastal area. (1989, c. 344, s. 1.)