Article 10.

Control of Outdoor Advertising near the Blue Ridge Parkway.

§ 113A‑165.  Advertisements prohibited within 1,000 feet of centerline; exceptions.

No advertisement or advertising structure shall be erected, constructed, installed, maintained or operated within 1,000 feet of the centerline of the Blue Ridge Parkway, except the following:

(1) Sign displays or devices which advertise sale, lease, rental, or development of the property on which it is located.

(2) On‑premises Signs. – For the purpose of this Article, those  signs, displays or devices which carry only advertisements strictly related to the lawful use of the property on which it is located including signs, displays or devices which identify the business transacted, services rendered, goods sold or produced on the property, name of the business, [and] name of the person, firm or corporation occupying or owning the property. The size of signs advertising the major business activity is not regulated hereunder. Signs which advertise brand‑name products or service sold or offered for sale on the property shall not be displayed as on‑premise[s] signs unless such signs are on or attached to the building in which such products are sold. All such signs permitted under this subsection shall be located not more than 150 feet from the building in which such business activity is carried on.

(3) Historic markers erected by duly constituted and authorized public authorities.

(4) Highway markers and signs erected or caused to be erected by the Board of Transportation or other authorized authorities in accordance with the law.

(5) Directional and official signs or notices erected and maintained by public officers or agencies pursuant to and in  accordance with lawful authorization for the purpose of carrying out the official duty or responsibility.

(6) Signs located within a 1,000‑foot radius of intersections created by the crossing of the centerline of the Blue Ridge Parkway with the centerlines of components of the National System of Interstate and Defense Highways, Federal Aid Primary Highway System, or the North Carolina System of Primary Highways, not, however, inconsistent with other provisions of the General Statutes. (1973, c. 507, s. 5; 1975, c. 385.)