113B-12. Annual reports; contents.

(a) Every two years the Energy Policy Council shall transmit to the Governor, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, the President Pro Tempore of the Senate, the Environmental Review Commission, the Joint Legislative Commission on Energy Policy, and the chairman of the Utilities Commission a comprehensive report providing a general overview of energy conditions in the State.

(b) The report shall include, but not be limited to, the following:

(1) An overview of statewide growth and development as they relate to future requirements for energy, including patterns of urban and metropolitan expansion, shifts in transportation modes, modifications in building types and design, and other trends and factors which, as determined by the Council, will significantly affect energy needs;

(2) The level of statewide and multi-county regional energy demand for a five, 10- and 20-year forecast period which, in the judgment of the Council, can reasonably be met, with proposals as to possible energy supply sources;

(3) An assessment of growth trends in energy consumption and production and an identification of potential adverse social, economic, or environmental impacts which might be imposed by continuation of the present trends, including energy costs to consumers, significant increases in air, water, and other forms of pollution, threats to public health and safety, and loss of scenic and natural areas;

(4) An analysis of the role of energy efficiency, renewable energy, improvements to the State's energy infrastructure, and other means in meeting the State's current and projected energy demand;

(5) Repealed by Session Laws 2009-446, s. 9, effective August 7, 2009.

(6) Recommendations to the Governor and the General Assembly for additional administrative and legislative actions on energy matters;

(7) A summary of the Council's activities since the last report, a description of major plans developed by the Council, an assessment of plan implementation, and a review of Council plans and programs for the coming biennium. (1975, c. 877, s. 4; 2009-446, s. 9; 2013-365, s. 8(i).)