113B-23. Administration of plans and procedures.

(a) Upon the declaration of an energy crisis, pursuant to G.S. 113B-20, the Energy Policy Council shall become the emergency energy coordinating body for the State and shall carry out the following duties:

(1) Identify and determine the nature and severity of expected energy shortages;

(2) Provide for daily communications with and gather information from significant energy producers, distributors, transporters and major consumers, as determined by the Energy Policy Council, to carry out its responsibilities pursuant to this section;

(3) Provide data, carry out continuing assessments of the crisis situation, and make recommendations to the Governor and to the Legislative Committee on Energy Crisis Management for further action.

(b) Upon the declaration of an energy crisis, the Governor shall order the Energy Policy Council, the Utilities Commission, the Attorney General and other appropriate State and local agencies to implement and enforce the Emergency Energy Program pursuant to G.S. 113B-9 and any emergency rules, orders or regulations approved pursuant to G.S. 113B-22.

(c) Upon the declaration of an energy crisis, the Governor may employ such measures and give such direction to State and local offices and agencies as may be reasonable and necessary for the purpose of securing compliance with the provisions of this Article and with emergency rules, orders and regulations issued pursuant to G.S. 113B-22. (1975, c. 877, s. 4; 1983 (Reg. Sess., 1984), c. 1034, s. 138; 2013-365, s. 8(k).)