§ 113B-8.  Energy Management Plan; components.

(a)        The Energy Policy Council shall prepare a recommended Energy Management Plan for transmittal to the Governor, the initial plan to be completed by June 30, 1976.

(b)        The Energy Management Plan shall be designed to encourage the most efficient use of all sources of energy available to meet the needs of the State and to avoid undue dependence upon relatively limited, unreliable or uneconomical sources of energy.

(c)        The Energy Management Plan shall include but not be limited to the following:

(1)        An analysis of the current pattern of consumption of energy throughout the State by category of energy user and by sources of energy supply;

(2)        An assessment of the effect of demand and supply of different forms of energy upon the current pattern of consumption;

(3)        An independent analysis, in five-, 10-and 20-year forecasts, of future energy production, supplies and consumption for North Carolina in relation to forecasts of statewide population growth and economic expansion;

(4)        An analysis of the anticipated effects of recommended conservation measures upon the consumption of energy in the State;

(5)        An assessment of the possible effects of national energy and  economic policy and international economic and political conditions upon an adequate and reliable supply of different  forms of energy for North Carolina;

(6)        An assessment of the social, economic and environmental effects of alternative future consumption patterns on energy usage in North Carolina, including the potentially disruptive effects of supply limitations;

(7)        Recommendations on the use of different future energy sources that seem most appropriate and feasible for North Carolina in meeting expected energy needs during the next five-, 10-and 20-year periods, with consideration given to growth trends in North Carolina industry and possible adverse economic impact on such trends.

(d)       In addition to the above, the Energy Management Plan shall contain proposals for the implementation of such recommendations as can be carried out by executive order. Upon completion of a draft recommended plan, the Council shall arrange for its distribution to interested parties and shall make such plan available to the public and the Council further shall set a date for public hearing on said plan.

(e)        Upon completion of the Energy Management Plan, the Council and the Governor shall follow the procedures as outlined in G.S. 113B-7(e) and (f).

(f)        The Council shall update such plan upon a finding by it that an update is justified and shall follow the procedures for adoption pursuant to G.S. 113B-7(e) and (f).

(g)        The Governor shall have the authority to accept, administer and enforce federal programs, program measures, and permissive delegations of authority delegated to the Governor by the President of the United States, Congress, or the United States Department of Energy, on behalf of the State of North Carolina, which pertain to management of energy resources.

(h)        The Governor shall have the authority to accept, administer and enforce the delegation of authority delegated to the State by the Emergency Petroleum Allocation Act and the Emergency Energy Conservation Act of 1979 and any orders, rules, and regulations issued pursuant to those acts as well as any succeeding federal programs, program measures, laws, orders, or regulations relating to the allocation, conservation, consumption, management or rationing of energy resources. (1975, c. 877, s. 4; 1981, c. 701, s. 2.)