115D-11.11. Contents of agreement.

Every apprentice agreement entered into under this Article shall contain:

(1) The names of the contracting parties.

(2) The date of birth of the apprentice.

(3) A statement of the trade, craft, or business which the apprentice is to be taught, and the time at which the apprenticeship will begin and end.

(4) A statement showing (i) the number of hours to be spent by the apprentice in work on the job and (ii) the number of hours to be spent in related and supplemental instruction, which is recommended to be not less than 144 hours per year. In no case shall the combined weekly hours of work and of required related and supplemental instruction of the apprentice exceed the maximum number of hours of work prescribed by law for a person of the age of the apprentice.

(5) A statement setting forth a schedule of the processes in the trade or industry division in which the apprentice is to be taught and the approximate time to be spent at each process.

(6) A statement of the graduated scale of wages to be paid the apprentice and whether the required school time shall be compensated.

(7) A statement providing for a period of probation of not more than 500 hours of employment and instruction extending over not more than four months, during which time the apprentice agreement shall be terminated by the Director at the request in writing of either party, and providing that after the probationary period the apprentice agreement may be terminated by the Director by mutual agreement of all parties or canceled by the Director for good and sufficient reason. The Council at the request of a joint apprentice committee may lengthen the period of probation.

(8) A provision that all controversies or differences concerning the apprentice agreement which cannot be adjusted locally in accordance with G.S. 115D-11.9 shall be submitted to the Director for determination.

(9) A provision that an employer who is unable to fulfill his or her obligation under the apprentice agreement may with the approval of the Director transfer the contract to any other employer; provided, that the apprentice consents and that the other employer agrees to assume the obligations of the apprentice agreement.

(10) Any additional terms and conditions as may be prescribed or approved by the Director not inconsistent with the provisions of this Article. (1939, c. 229, s. 7; 1945, c. 729, s. 1; 1977, c. 550, s. 1; 1979, c. 673, s. 5; 2017-57, s. 15.13(c).)