115D-11.8. Powers and duties of Director of ApprenticeshipNC.

The Director, under the supervision of the President of the North Carolina Community College System or the President's designee and with the advice and guidance of the Apprenticeship Council, is authorized to administer the provisions of this Article; in cooperation with the Apprenticeship Council and apprenticeship committees and sponsors, to set up conditions and training standards for apprentice agreements, which conditions or standards shall in no case be lower than those prescribed by this Article; to act as secretary of the Apprenticeship Council; to approve for the Council any apprentice agreement that meets the standards established under this Article; to terminate or cancel any apprentice agreement in accordance with the provisions of the agreement; to keep a record of apprentice agreements and their disposition; to issue certificates of completion of apprenticeship; and to perform other duties as are necessary to carry out the intent of this Article, including other on-the-job training necessary for emergency and critical civilian production. The administration and supervision of related and supplemental instruction for apprentices, coordination of instruction with job experiences, and the selection and training of teachers and coordinators for the instruction is the responsibility of State and local boards responsible for career and technical education. (1939, c. 229, s. 4; 1951, c. 1031, s. 1; 1979, c. 673, s. 2; 2013-330, s. 2(c); 2017-57, s. 15.13(c).)