115D-40.5. Annual report on NC Community College Childcare Grant Program.

On December 1 of each year, the Community Colleges System Office shall report to the Senate Appropriations Committee on Education/Higher Education, the House Appropriations Committee on Education, the Fiscal Research Division, and the Joint Legislative Education Oversight Committee on the administration of the North Carolina Community College Childcare Grant Program for the prior fiscal year. The report shall include at least the following information by each community college:

(1) The number of applications received for grants from the program.

(2) The amount of grant funds requested from the program.

(3) The number of applications approved.

(4) The total amount of grant funds awarded.

(5) The range of the dollar amount of grant awards to individuals for child care expenses.

(6) The types of child care utilized by students with grant funds, including before-school and after-school services. (2021-180, s. 6.4(a).)