§ 122A‑5.1.  Rules and regulations governing Agency activity.

(a) The Agency shall from time to time adopt, modify or repeal rules and regulations governing the purchase of federally insured securities by the Agency and the purchase and sale of mortgage loans and the application of the proceeds thereof, including rules and regulations as to any or all of the following:

(1) Procedures for the submission of requests or the invitation of  proposals for the purchase and sale of mortgage loans or for the purchase of federally insured securities;

(2) Limitations or restrictions as to the number of family units, location or other qualifications or characteristics of residences to be financed by mortgage loans and requirements as to the income limits of persons and families of lower income occupying such residences;

(3) Restrictions as to the interest rates on mortgage loans or the return which may be realized by mortgage lenders on any mortgage loans or on the sale of federally insured securities to the Agency;

(4) Requirements as to commitments by mortgage lenders with respect to the use of the proceeds of sale of any federally insured securities;

(5) Schedules of any fees and charges necessary to provide for expenses and reserves of the Agency; and

(6) Any other matters related to the duties and the exercise of the powers of the Agency to purchase and sell mortgage loans, or to purchase federally insured securities.

Such rules and regulations shall be designed to effectuate the general purposes of this Chapter and the following specific objectives: (i) the construction of decent, safe and sanitary residential housing at low prices or rentals which persons and families of lower income can afford; (ii) the rehabilitation of present lower‑income housing; (iii) increasing the supply of residential housing for persons and families of lower income affected  by the spread of slum conditions and blight and for persons and families of lower income displaced by public action or natural disaster; (iv) the encouraging of private enterprise and investment to sponsor, build and rehabilitate residential housing for such persons and families to prevent the recurrence of slum conditions and blight and assist in their permanent elimination throughout the State; and (v) the restriction of the financial return and benefit to that necessary to protect against the realization by mortgage lenders of an excessive financial return or benefit as determined by prevailing market conditions.

(b) The interest rate or rates and other terms of federally insured securities or mortgage loans purchased from the proceeds of any issue of bonds of the Agency shall be at least sufficient to assure the payment of said bonds and the interest thereon as the same become due from the amounts received by the Agency in repayment of such federally insured securities or such loans and interest thereon.

(c) The Agency shall require as a condition of the purchase of federally insured securities from a mortgage lender and the purchase or the making of a commitment to purchase mortgage loans from a mortgage lender where the Agency has not given its approval prior to the initial making of the mortgage loan that such mortgage lender shall on or prior to the one‑hundred‑eightieth day (or such earlier day as may be prescribed by rules and regulations of the Agency) following the receipt of the sale proceeds have entered into written commitments to make, and shall thereafter proceed as promptly as practicable to make from such sale proceeds, new mortgage loans with respect to residential housing in the State having a stated maturity of not less than 20 years from the date thereof in an aggregate principal amount equal to the amount of such sale proceeds. The Agency shall not purchase nor make commitment to purchase mortgage loans, federally insured securities or other obligations from a mortgage lender from which it has previously purchased federally insured securities or mortgage loans initially made without such prior approval unless said mortgage lender has either made or entered into written commitments to make such new mortgage loans. (1973, c. 1296, s. 44; 1975, c. 616, s. 3.)