§ 122A‑5.3.  Energy conservation loan authority.

(a) The Agency may guarantee the payment or collection of energy conservation loans pursuant to and in accordance with the provisions of this Chapter when the Agency has given its approval prior to the initial making of the loan; provided that any such guarantee shall be made only upon determination by the Agency that energy conservation loans were at the time of approval not otherwise available from private lenders upon reasonably equivalent terms and conditions; and provided further, no single guarantee of payment or collection shall exceed the sum of twelve hundred dollars ($1200) and  no person or family of lower income shall be entitled to more than one loan guarantee.

(b) At no time may the Agency have outstanding loan guarantees in which the liability of the Agency exceeds 15 times any amounts remaining unspent from the specific funds appropriated by the General Assembly for the energy conservation loan guarantee program plus any specific grants or donations for this purpose; but the Agency is authorized to expend any unspent amounts from these sources to satisfy its liabilities under the loan guarantee program; provided no other assets of the Agency shall be obligated or expended in satisfaction of its energy conservation loan guarantee liability.

(c) The Agency shall from time to time adopt, modify, or repeal rules and regulations governing the guaranteeing of energy conservation loans including rules and regulations as to any or all of the following:

(1) Procedures for the submission and approval of requests to guarantee energy conservation loans including advance commitments by the Agency to guarantee loans;

(2) Limitations and restrictions on the number of family units, location or other qualifications or characteristics of residences in regard to which energy conservation work is performed to qualify for a loan guarantee;

(3) Restrictions as to interest rates on energy conservation loans or the return which may be realized by mortgage lenders on energy conservation loans guaranteed by the Agency;

(4) Schedules of any fees and charges necessary to provide for the administrative expenses of the Agency allocable to the administration of the energy conservation loan guarantee program;

(5) Procedures regarding the servicing of energy conservation loan guarantees including procedures for honoring defaults and procedures to be implemented to enforce the obligations of the borrowers to repay guaranteed energy conservation loans;

(6) Any other matters related to the duties and the exercise of the power of the Agency with respect to the energy conservation loan guarantee program deemed necessary to effectuate the purposes of this act. (1977, c. 1083, s. 3.)