§ 130A-131.9.  Examination and testing.

When the Department has a reasonable suspicion that a child less than six years of age has an elevated blood lead level or a confirmed lead poisoning, the Department may require that child to be examined and tested within 30 days. The Department shall require from the owner, managing agent, or tenant of the residential housing unit or child-occupied facility information on each child who resides in, regularly visits, or attends, or, who has within the past six months, resided in, regularly visited, or attended the unit or facility. The information required shall include each child's name and date of birth, the names and addresses of each child's parents, legal guardian, or full-time custodian. The owner, managing agent, or tenant shall submit the required information within 10 days of receipt of the request from the Department. (1997-443, s. 15.30(b); 2003-150, s. 3.)