130A-249. Inspections; report and grade card.

The Secretary may enter any establishment that is subject to the provisions of G.S. 130A-248 for the purpose of making inspections. The Secretary shall inspect each food service establishment at a frequency established by the Commission. In establishing a schedule for inspections, the Commission shall consider the risks to the population served by the establishment and the type of food or drink served by the establishment. The person responsible for the management or control of an establishment shall permit the Secretary to inspect every part of the establishment and shall render all aid and assistance necessary for the inspection. The Secretary shall leave a copy of the inspection form and a card or cards showing the grade of the establishment with the responsible person. The Secretary shall post the grade card in a conspicuous place as determined by the Secretary where it may be readily observed by the public upon entering the establishment or upon picking up food prepared inside but received and paid for outside the establishment through delivery windows or other delivery devices. If a single establishment has one or more outside delivery service stations and an internal delivery system, that establishment shall have a grade card posted where it may be readily visible upon entering the establishment and one posted where it may be readily visible in each delivery window or delivery device upon picking up the food outside the establishment. The grade card or cards shall not be removed by anyone, except by or upon the instruction of the Secretary. (1941, c. 309, s. 2; 1955, c. 1030, s. 2; 1973, c. 476, s. 128; 1983, c. 891, s. 2; 1987, c. 145; c. 189; 1989, c. 551, s. 2; 1993, c. 262, s. 3; 2005-386, s. 4.1.)