§ 130A-254.  Application for permit.

(a)        Application for a permit for a mass gathering shall be made to the Secretary on a form and in a manner prescribed by the Secretary. The application shall be filed with the Secretary at least 30 days prior to the commencement of the mass gathering. A fee as prescribed by the Secretary, not to exceed one hundred dollars ($100.00), shall accompany the application.

(b)        The application shall contain the following information: identification of the applicant; identification of any other person or persons responsible for organizing, sponsoring or holding the mass gathering; the location of the proposed mass gathering; the estimated maximum number of persons reasonably expected to be in attendance at any time; the date or dates and the hours during which the mass gathering is to be conducted; and a statement as to the total time period involved.

(c)        The application shall be accompanied by an outline map of the area to be used, to approximate scale, showing the location of all proposed and existing privies or toilets; lavatory and bathing facilities; all water supply sources including lakes, ponds, streams, wells and storage tanks; all areas of assemblage; all camping areas; all food service areas; all garbage and refuse storage and disposal areas; all entrances and exits to public highways; and emergency ingress and egress roads.

(d)       The application shall be accompanied by additional plans, reports and information required by the Secretary as necessary to carry out the provisions of this Part.

(e)        A charge shall be levied by the Secretary to cover the cost of  additional services, including police, fire and medical services, provided by the State or units of local government on account of the mass gathering. The Secretary shall reimburse the State or the units of local government for the additional services upon receipt of payment. (1971, c. 712, s. 1; 1973, c. 476, s. 128; 1983, c. 891, s. 2.)