§ 130A-256.  Issuance of permit; revocation; forfeiture of bond; cancellation.

(a)        If, upon inspection by the Secretary five days prior to the starting date of the mass gathering, or earlier upon request of the permittee, the required facilities are found to be in place, satisfactory arrangements are found to have been made for required services, the charge for additional services levied in accordance with G.S. 130A-254(e) has been paid and other applicable provisions of this Part and the rules of the Commission are found to have been met, the Secretary shall issue a permit for the mass gathering. If, upon inspection, the facilities, arrangements or other provisions are not satisfactory, the provisional permit shall be revoked and no permit shall be issued.

(b)        Upon revocation of either the provisional permit or the permit, the permittee shall immediately announce cancellation of the mass gathering in as effective a manner as is reasonably possible including, but not limited to, the use or whatever methods were used for advertising or promoting the mass gathering.

(c)        If the provisional permit or the permit is revoked prior to or  during the mass gathering, the Secretary may order the permittee to install facilities and make arrangements necessary to accommodate persons who may nevertheless attend or be present at the mass gathering despite its cancellation and to restore the site to a safe and sanitary condition. In the event the permittee fails to comply with the order of the Secretary, the Secretary may immediately proceed to install facilities and make other arrangements and provisions for cleanup as may be minimally required in the interest of public health and safety, utilizing any State and local funds and resources as may be available.

(d)       If the Secretary installs facilities or makes arrangements or provisions for cleanup pursuant to subsection (c), the Secretary may apply to a court of competent jurisdiction prior to or within 60 days after the action to order forfeiture of the permittee's performance bond or surety for violation of this Part or the rules of the Commission. The court may order that the proceeds shall be applied to the extent necessary to reimburse State and local governmental agencies for expenditures made pursuant to the action taken by the Secretary upon the permittee's failure to comply with the order. Any excess proceeds shall be returned to the insurer of the bond or to the surety after deducting court costs. (1971, c. 712, s. 1; 1973, c. 476, s. 128; 1983, c. 891, s. 2.)