§ 131D‑29.  Revocation of license.

The Department of Health and Human Services shall have the authority to revoke a license issued under G.S. 131D‑2.4 in any case where it finds that there has been a substantial failure to comply with the provisions of this Article.

Such revocation shall be effected by mailing to the licensee by registered or certified mail, or by personal service of, a notice setting forth the particular reasons for such action. Such revocation shall become effective 20 days after the mailing or service of the notice, unless the applicant or licensee, within such 20‑day period, shall give written notice to the Department of Health and Human Services requesting a hearing, in which case the notice shall be deemed to be suspended. If a hearing has been requested, the licensee shall be given a prompt and fair hearing pursuant to the Administrative Procedure Act. At any time at or prior to the hearing, the Department of Health and Human Services may rescind the notice of revocation upon being satisfied that the reasons for the revocation have been or will be removed. (1981, c. 923, s. 1; 1997‑443, s. 11A.118(a); 2009‑462, s. 4(i).)